Playback theater

- branding


1. The task

Playback theater - it is a form of improvisation theater where viewers tell personal stories and actors turn them into a work of art on stage.

The Ukrainian playback theater "My History" has existed for three years. During this time, he managed to gather his regular audience, visited several festivals, and also held many performances.
At this stage, it was necessary to develop a certain style and logo for further use as a theater presentation, posters and better recognition among the public.

2. The Strategy

Previously, when creating posters and posters, a free style was used, changing over and over again.

To correctly reflect the message of the theater in accordance with its name, it became worth getting acquainted with this genre.

The essence of the theater is to convey the story from the audience to the actors and vice versa.
This symbolic essence is the line in the logo going from one person to another, as if from a storyteller to a listener or actor.
The main idea of ​​the logo was to recreate the integrity and continuity of communication between the audience and the actors. Since there is not one of the constituent elements, there will be no theater or performance.


3. the results

As a result, two colors were chosen.
Purple - as the color of creativity, magical transformation.
Yellow - symbolizing light and energy.

These guys create unique performances!
If possible, we advise you to get to know this genre of theater closer.

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