just make the World beautiful

Everything great is simple
and everything simple is great


All the great things are simple

- this is our motto

what is JDS

JDS is “just” a design studio with creative designers from Ukraine. We believe that the greatest things are the simplest. So just chill – we will do the rest for you.


In JDS, our pillars are creativity, uniqueness and huge love to our craft. Our clients are just as important to us as our friends – and friends will always do the best for their friends!


People in our team travel a lot because we believe that nothing makes you grow as much as traveling.

We love to explore new countries, cultures and their heritage. That’s how we find inspiration for our projects, and as a result they are always unique and inimitable.


To love what you do and do what you love – this is our philosophy.


JDS is looking for partners and employees from around the world who support our philosophy and want to join our team and create amazing things – just making the world beautiful!


The little man

likes to conceal






We have been cooperating with Just Design Studio already for a long time, everything is very fast and high quality. Highly recommended!

Very grateful to the guys for the logo!
We had absolutely no ideas. The guys very subtly grasped the essence, elegantly reflected the nuances of our work. Very accurate in timing, pleasant to talk to.
I recommend this studio with pleasure!

We contacted Just Design Studio by recommendations.
We've been needed branding for our company (logo development, templates for posting, header banners for social media: VK and FB profiles + highlight icons for instagram).
The work was done quickly, within a week.
All our wishes and recommendations were taken into design.
We grateful to the team for the good quality of work ?

Awesome! :)
The guys did everything quickly and efficiently! All adjustments were made quickly and without problems!!!
Thank you very much! :) Very cool result!

Thank you so much :) I like the layout. I like to work with you. That's great that you have your own vision and taste and taste. You do not just stamp layouts, you always working in creativity way.

I admire! :)
Everything is perfect :) once again, thank you so much :) you have golden hands :) it's a pleasure to work with you :) I already have a sister asking for your coordinates) she is a master of eyelash extensions, she also wants to order a logo and a business card from you :)

I want to express another thanks to your team. This time for the design of the group in social media VK! Professionalism at the highest level, everything is fulfilled clearly, and there was nothing to correct! Special thanks to the designer for the creative approach to clients :)

Kind time of the day!

The guys work professionally and smoothly. A clear brief, where all the points are specified and you do not need to write several times and specify the details. He ordered the design of the group, made a brief, after a couple of days showed the result, took it immediately, practically without corrections. I am rarely satisfied with someone's design, but everything was on the case and there was no need to make any major changes.

I advise!

I ordered design for the group in social media: avatar + main post + menu design. Very satisfied with the result, thank you very much! All the wishes were taken into design, they did everything in accordance with my requests, made several corrections without problems, in the end, in a few days I received the final ideal result. Looks very stylish! Very pleased that the designers were always in touch, quickly responded to messages. I will gladly recommend you to colleagues!

Best regards, Nikolay Tallinn, a videographer in Moscow.

We did a marketing kit for our camp. Before we tried ourselves did a presentation in Microsoft Paint - it was such a shame. We sent it to them, they altered it, the design was offered to us in two versions, they made all the design themselves. Do not show off as some designers over the words "stylish", "beautiful", "interesting." We did not have to first draw everything on a piece of paper or in a program.
Very patient. They change everything after the approved version and after the layout, because always, even with the most thorough verification, something you will miss.
They were patient again and didn't complain that we did prepared some documents and material longer than we promised.
We needed this marketing kit quickly? they did it very quickly, and qualitatively.
If you are looking for a creative, patient and understanding designer, you are welcome here.